Hi! Welcome to my first legacy (: I will not be going by any rules, but this will be ten generation’s long, and filled with as much drama as I can cram in! I dont have ANY mods, because I dont trust them, so there wont be any poses, or guns or anything, but I’ll try my best to make it as exciting as I can. My game also has some sort of weird glitch where they only ever give birth to boys, and I obviously don’t want that, so I hope you guys, as my readers, don’t mind that if I just randomly pick the Gender. The blankets will mostly be blue, but I will put a little note underneath to say they are a girl! Hope that’ not too confusing! Is it sad that I’ve already planned out the storyline for every generation? Yeah, it really is! Hardly any views recently): Come on people! It’s not that bad is it?

Latest chapter ~ chapter 2.7 – life or death

My simself is now up for downloads ^_^ click HERE for the link to the exchange, and if any of you want your simself added to my game then all you have to do is upload them to the exchange and send me the link (:

Current heir ~ Dani Autumns

Enjoy the rest of my blog and feel free to comment, I love knowing people are actually reading this.


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